Buteo Wildlife
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£5.00 per person

Mini-beasts & Animal Signs
River Lee Country Park

Tuesday, 13th August

Explore the world of the little creatures that buzz, crawl, creep and hop in a world in which we are giants. Discover the Liliputians who live all around us. Become a nature detective and learn the signs which tell us who lives near us. Mini-beasts are often the target for childrens’ groups but they are fascinating for adults as well. On this walk we will sample a variety of habitats using a diverse range of techniques to show you the wealth of wildlife that most of us overlook. We will also show you how to determine who is living in the area and how to spot the give-away signs. No previous knowledge is required but experienced naturalists will be welcome.

General information
Price £5.00 per person (2-3 hrs PM)
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